Kawhi Leonard Gets Brutally Honest About Clippers Losing Streak

Kawhi Leonard Gets Brutally Honest About Clippers Losing Streak

The Los Angeles Clippers fell to the New Orleans Pelicans 135-115 on Sunday night. It marked the team’s sixth loss in their last nine outings and proved to be something of a red flag within the locker room.

For a brief period of time, after Anthony Davis went down with an injury, it looked like the Clippers might surpass the Los Angeles Lakers in the standings.

Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, the Clippers began their own losing streak.

After his team suffered their third worst loss of the season, Clippers star Kawhi Leonard got brutally honest about how he felt about the current state of affairs.

“It’s very concerning,” he said.

“[If] we want to have a chance at anything, you gotta be consistent. You know, that’s what the great teams do, they’re consistent. They have their nights when, you know, the energy’s not there.

“But it’s all about consistency, from teams to players to coaches. That’s what makes a team great, players great, coaches great. A consistency of being, wanting to win, and doing pretty much the same habits of winning.”

Recently Leonard revealed his favorite NBA player growing up. Although the selection was a surprising one, it did speak a bit to his desire to meet challenges head on and not back down. He will need to do precisely that this season with the Clippers, as it is becoming evident that nothing will come easy in 2021.

As things currently stand, the Clippers are in the running for at least one blockbuster trade. If it goes down, their season can change in the blink of an eye.

If it doesn’t – things could get a lot worse before they get better.

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