Katie Burrows Reacts To Chattanooga’s Loss vs UAB

Katie Burrows Reacts To Chattanooga’s Loss vs UAB

Katie Burrows Reacts To Chattanooga’s Loss vs UAB

UAB and Chattanooga squared off on Sunday, December 6 at McKenzie Arena in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Blazers ultimately ended up emerging victorious 78-58 over the Mocs.

Following the game, head coach Katie Burrows got brutally honest about what transpired.

“That’s a really good program and they had a lot of new faces this year,” she said.

“I won’t sit and give excuses, but that’s a tough team to start out with. I think we have to have the same fire from the tip, and we started off strong. Then some things didn’t quite go our way, and then we got in some foul situations, and we let it affect us.

“We had some players play timid, ones that hadn’t shown to be timid in practice. That might be the jitters and not knowing what to expect. My kids didn’t quit, they just don’t quite understand what it means to compete against that type of team. We’ll get there.”

That said, she is still excited about what is to come.

“I wish I had a little more time in between games to prepare, but I’m excited,” she continued.

“I was pumped when I woke up today. I’m excited to be in this phase right now and can’t wait to see different opponents. Troy will be a lot different team than what we saw today.

“It’s about how quickly we can come back and prepare for that. It’s a challenge, not only for our kids, but for our staff in making that quick turnaround. I’m excited and thankful about it. We’re getting opportunities and I’ll never take it for granted that we’re able to do this.”

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