Kansas, Bill Self Respond To NCAA Tournament Coronavirus Decision

Kansas, Bill Self Respond To NCAA Tournament Coronavirus Decision

Kansas, Bill Self Respond To NCAA Tournament Coronavirus Decision

Kansas head coach Bill Self responded to the NCAA’s Coronavirus decision for the looming tournament.

Needless to say, he was disappointed.

On Wednesday afternoon, NCAA President Mark Emmert revealed that March Madness would essentially take place in empty arenas. He acknowledged that this would make for a different sort of experience for all involved, but that it was a public health necessity.

Following the announcement, Self spoke to the media. One of the things he was asked was how he felt about the NCAA Tournament being played without any fans in attendance.

“We’ve had all of 5-7 minutes to think about it. The thing I told them was that it sucks,” Self said.

“It doesn’t just stink for us, it stinks for everybody that wants to be entertained at a concert or anywhere. It stinks for the market. It’s certainly sad for the fans and players.

“You dream of playing in a situation where you’re playing for the high stakes on the brightest stage, but it’s hard to imagine that being the case if no one is there in person to see it.”

What makes this all the more unfortunate for Kansas is that its biggest stars tend to show up and play well on the road. Udoka Azubuike has been an absolute stud when forced to play behind enemy lines.

Nevertheless, fans or no fans, many regard Kansas as a top-tier favorite to win it all heading into the NCAA Tournament.

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