Juliana Carlos Has A Message For LeBron James’ Wife Savannah

Juliana Carlos Has A Message For LeBron James’ Wife Savannah

A blonde Atlanta Hawks fan named Juliana Carlos went viral on Monday night following a small squabble with LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers.

During a showdown between the Hawks and Lakers, Carlos’ husband and James apparently exchanged unpleasant words. Feeling like her husband needed her to back him up, Carlos sprung into action – ultimately earning an ejection from the game.

After the fact, Carlos took to social media to plead her case. She insisted that she had done nothing wrong and was simply coming to her man’s defense.

Carlos got thoroughly dragged on social media for something like 12 hours after the incident unfolded, including having James dub her “Courtside Karen” on Twitter.

Interestingly enough, in the midst of it all, Carlos took a moment to direct a message to James’ wife, Savannah, over the whole brouhaha.

In response to people on social media suggesting that Savannah should come in and handle Carlos for her husband, she posted this reply:

Juliana Carlos Has A Message For LeBron James’ Wife Savannah 2

The message to Savannah was clear: I wouldn’t hold it against you. In Carlos’ mind, defending your husband’s honor is just something a wife does, so if Savannah were to do it for her beau, Carlos would not take it personally.

James has been having a pretty interesting year up to this point. He has had a deranged fan issue an ominous threat towards him. He has had Skip Bayless campaign for why he’ll never be the GOAT. He has continued to lay the groundwork for an eventual team-up with Bronny in the NBA. He has been on both the giving and receiving ends of dirty plays. And of course there was that time he memorably put Shaquille O’Neal in his place.

2021 has been a wild ride for the Lakers star, and if Monday night was any indication, it’s only going to get weirder from here.

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