Jrue Holiday Interested In Joining Lakers, 5 Other Teams

Jrue Holiday Interested In Joining Lakers, 5 Other Teams

Jrue Holiday was one of the key pieces involved in this week’s three-team trade centered around Damian Lillard.

Lillard ended up going to the Milwaukee Bucks, obviously, whereas Holiday was ultimately dispatched to the Portland Trail Blazers.

Shortly after the deal was finalized, Portland’s front office signaled that it planned to move Holiday for younger assets. It is unclear when precisely they will pull the trigger on that, but it figures to happen sooner rather than later.

Already, three teams have expressed serious interest in acquiring Holiday.

Holiday, for his part, seems to have his sights set on six legitimate championship contenders as possible landing spots.

The Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls and Philadelphia 76ers all make some degree of sense here.

Miami obviously just lost out on getting Lillard, but it is hard to see them and the Blazers finding common ground on Holiday after how contentious their Lillard talks were.

The Lakers could definitely use someone with Holiday’s defensive tenacity on the permitter after how badly D’Angelo Russell got worked in the Denver Nuggets series. That said, it is hard to see them putting a credible package together.

The Clippers might be able to get something done, but their refusal to include two key role players is what prevented them from getting James Harden. A similar situation could play out here. Plus, they need a more offensively-oriented point guard, not a defensive stalwart like Holiday.

Chicago obviously needs some stability at point guard in light of Lonzo Ball’s injury, but they aren’t much of a title contender at this point. And it is hard to see Holiday pushing them over the top.

Which just leaves Boston and Philly. Both squads could use Holiday, and he could play a similar role for each that he ultimately played in the Bucks’ championship campaign.

Where will Holiday ultimately start the year when Game 1 of the 2023-24 season commences? Time will tell.

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