Josh Hart Bashed Lakers During Interview With Lonzo Ball

Josh Hart Bashed Lakers During Interview With Lonzo Ball

Josh Hart Bashed Lakers During Interview With Lonzo Ball

Josh Hart bashed the Lakers during his recent interview with Lonzo Ball, and people took notice.

Hart, 24, was one of the players Los Angeles sent to New Orleans in return for Anthony Davis.

It appears the former Villanova product is still a bit salty about how the entire thing went down.

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During an interview with Ball on his new podcast LightHarted, Hart took a pretty big shot at the Lakers organization.

At one point in the conversation, the pair discussed Ball’s trek to Lithuania to see his two brothers play.

“Lithuania was very depressing, I went there, too, to visit him,” he said.

“I wouldn’t do it again. It’s, like, you been there? It’s, like, hella gloomy, nobody smiles. It’s like everybody just hates that they’re there, I was like, ‘Damn, I have to get out of there, bro.’”

“Sounds like L.A.,” Hart replied.

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Ball initially thought Hart meant the city of Los Angeles, and insisted “definitely not LA.”

And that’s when Hart dropped the bomb: “I was gonna say the Lakers organization,” he clarified.

Needless to say, old wounds heal slow and all the of the Lakers youngsters who were exiled to the Big Easy clearly are not happy about it.

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