Josh Giddey’s Encounter With Girls At Thunder Game Goes Viral (Video)

Josh Giddey’s Encounter With Girls At Thunder Game Goes Viral (Video)

Oklahoma City Thunder star Josh Giddey found himself in the headlines once again this week.

Late last year, the 21-year-old landed at the center of controversy following allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a minor. Multiple troubling photos and videos of him and the girl in question emerged.

Things got so messy at one point that his family made some serious claims against the girl; the girl’s family took an unexpected stance on the whole ordeal; and even the girl herself seemed to weigh in.

Eventually authorities got involved and everyone else took a step back. Findings from the police’s investigation have yet to be made public. That being said, the fact that Giddey is still playing is quite telling in its own right.

This week, a video of Giddey from a recent Thunder-Atlanta Hawks game went viral. There, fans couldn’t help but notice his encounter with some young middle or high school girls who attended the event:

Big picture, until someone comes out and publicly explains what happened between Giddey and the minor girl he was linked to, speculation will continue to run rampant.

Adam Silver’s explanation for why Giddey was allowed to keep playing but Kyrie Irving has repeatedly been suspended didn’t satisfy a lot of fans.

At some point, the air will need to be cleared.

Will Giddey ever address the allegations that were made against him at the end of 2022? Time will tell.

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