Josh Allen’s Ex Finally Reveals Truth About Their Scandalous Breakup

Josh Allen’s Ex Finally Reveals Truth About Their Scandalous Breakup

Josh Allen and his one-time girlfriend, Brittany Williams, were one of the NFL’s most prominent power couples for an extended period of time.

Abruptly, last year, the pair split. A number of scandalous rumors quickly emerged regarding why it occurred. Williams, subsequently, got over Allen in the most impressive way imaginable.

This week Williams appeared on a podcast and finally revealed the truth about her split from Allen.

Due to the rawness and honesty of what she was saying, the interview immediately went viral.

“We were together for a long time. I was with my ex boyfriend for 10 years,” Williams said. “I would say that coming into the dating world was very, very, very difficult for me at first because I never thought I would be here again. But here I am – I am very happy now. The dating life in New York is absolutely crazy but it’s so much fun. It was so entertaining.

“It makes you realize everything that you want and it makes you not settle for anything other than that. For me, it’s been the most fun and exciting experience. I’ve learned so much about myself. I’ve learned what I like and what I don’t like and I’m not going to entertain anything other than someone that I think is actually meant for me.”

While Williams made it a point not to mention Allen by name, there isn’t a ton of ambiguity regarding who she is talking about.

Allen, for what it’s worth, is currently dating actress Hailee Steinfeld – so he probably doesn’t care either way.

At one point Allen’s run with the Buffalo Bills seemed impacted by his relationship drama with Williams. Time will tell what the fallout from this particular interview will ultimately end up being.

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