Jose Berrios Making Some Big Changes

Jose Berrios Making Some Big Changes

Jose Berrios Making Some Big Changes

Jose Berrios is making some big changes as a result of the coronavirus epidemic that has swept the nation.

Speaking to the media recently, he said that he is using the time to improve the trajectory of his change-up and curveball.

“Right now, I am focusing on throwing the changeup towards the glove side, which would be on the side outside the right-handed hitter,” said Berrios.

“As it naturally runs for me, it would be on the arm side, from the middle towards the bottom. I want to improve it towards the glove side.

“I’m also working on a curveball, like if I’m facing a right-handed hitter, it goes over the hitter and falls for a strike,” he continued.

“I know those are efficient pitches and I want to add them to my repertoire. The changeup comes out in a way that’s natural to me, so I want to work it elsewhere.”

The Minnesota Twins ace went 14-8 with a 3.68 ERA and 195 strikeouts last year.

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