Jordyn Woods, Karl-Anthony Towns’ GF, Does Buss It Challenge (Video)

Jordyn Woods, Karl-Anthony Towns’ GF, Does Buss It Challenge (Video)

By all indications, Jordyn Woods has been a very good girlfriend to Minnesota Timberwolves big man Karl-Anthony Towns. For his 25th birthday, she went all out with a special surprise. The pair had been dating for many months at the time, but really stepped up the public showings of their affection for one another.

Woods’ repeated acts of kindness endeared her to the sports-watching community, and they’ve been following her ever since. For that reason, when she opted to participate in the highly-viral “Buss It” challenge this week, it received way more attention than it otherwise would have.

The video largely speaks for itself.

Towns, for what it’s worth, was a big fan of his girlfriend’s video.

As was the rest of the internet.

In a year filled with a lot of dread, anxiety and sadness, it’s nice that Towns and the rest of the world wide web could come together to enjoy Woods’ contribution to the now infamous TikTok challenge.

Will it garner as much attention as Paulina Gretzky’s TikTok or Camille Kostek’s Instagram photos did? Time will tell.

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