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Jon Kitna’s Role In Son Jalen’s Disturbing Arrest, Legal Woes

Jon Kitna’s Role In Son Jalen’s Disturbing Arrest, Legal Woes

Retired NFL quarterback Jon Kitna found himself back in the headlines this week.

It was for something no parent ever wants to be associated with.

On Wednesday, up-and-coming Florida star Jalen Kitna was arrested on multiple charges related to having indecent photographic materials of pubescent children.

One day later, on Thursday, Jon intervened to get his son free.

“The former Dallas Cowboys signal-caller’s testimony apparently helped his son … as the judge ultimately set the younger Kitna’s bond at $80,000,” TMZ reported.

“In making the ruling, the judge ordered that Jalen must not use the Internet and must not have unsupervised contact with minors.”

Not only did Jon pledge to monitor his son upon his release, he also reportedly promised to ensure that he wouldn’t have access to the internet or unmonitored time with any minors.

Florida, meanwhile, took immediate action against Jalen. The school suspended him indefinitely pending a full investigation, ensuring that his time as a member of the Gators’ football team wouldn’t resume for now.

Now the onus is on the legal system to determine precisely what happened here, Jalen’s role and what the punishment should be.

That will obviously take time.

This has been a rough few months for the sport of football. Between prominent NFL stars forcing their special lady friends to get abortions, college analysts getting booted for racial controversies and ugly fights aplenty – it has been one thing after another.

Somehow, this Kitna scandal, because of the purported victims involved, is exponentially worse than all of those other things combined.

One way or another this matter will end up resolving itself.

These things always do.

But when everything is said and done, hopefully the wronged parties in this process end up getting the justice they deserve.

The wheels of the legal system move slowly, but in the end they generally end up moving in the right direction.

Hopefully that is what will end up occurring here.

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