Joel Embiid Interested In 1 Team If He Leaves 76ers

Joel Embiid Interested In 1 Team If He Leaves 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers’ have had the most chaotic offseason of any team in the NBA.

Not only did they replace Doc Rivers with Nick Nurse, but the organization is also dealing with the consequences of Daryl Morey’s messy falling out with James Harden.

Things have gotten so bad, in fact, that Harden is literally publicly boycotting the 76ers right now.

In the midst of all that, rumors have started to pick up that reigning NBA MVP Joel Embiid may want to exit stage left.

According to NBA insider Chris Broussard, there is one potential destination on Embiid’s mind if he departs Philly.

“There is scuttlebutt in some corners of the league that Embiid wants to go to New York,” Broussard said.

“Now he’s not going to come out and say it because he doesn’t want that backlash from fans in Philly. There is scuttlebutt that he has his eye on New York.”

Embiid has made his position on Harden’s current boycott clear. He is visibly exasperated after just going through the same thing with former teammate Ben Simmons.

The man just wants to win some meaningful playoff basketball games.

But it doesn’t look like that is in the cards for him.

Despite the Sixers boasting one of the NBA’s more complete and competitive rosters, for whatever reason, off-the-court drama and madness just follows them around.

That is really the defining characteristic of the organization at this point.

Will it also be what costs them their MVP when he ditches the 76ers for the Knicks? Time will tell.

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