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Joe Burrow Measurements Disappoint At NFL Combine

Joe Burrow Measurements Disappoint At NFL Combine

Joe Burrow Measurements Disappoint At NFL Combine

Joe Burrow’s measurements disappointed at the NFL Combine on Monday morning.

Heading into the 2020 NFL Draft, some formalities need to be gotten out of the way.

One of those formalities is the NFL Combine.

Taking place in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, the event will measure a variety of prospects on everything ranging from their physical attributes to their mental prowess to their playing skills.

For stars like Burrow, it is a less stressful event. They come in and get some things examined, but for the most part they are known entities. For lesser recognizable players, organizations’ entire assessments stem from what they see at the NFL combine.

Seeing as Burrow is widely expected to go to the Cincinnati Bengals with the top overall pick in the NFL Draft, his participation in the NFL Combine will be limited this week. The only real thing on the agenda for him is getting measured.

According to NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero, Burrow’s measurements were taken at the NFL Combine on Monday – and they caught some people off guard.

“LSU QB Joe Burrow measured in at 6-3 1/2, 221 pounds,” he tweeted out.

That height number is actually a bit lower than what people were expecting. LSU had Burrow listed a tad bit higher than what he actually came in at.

Conversely, his weight was better than anticipated.

“Burrow was listed at 6-4, 216 at LSU,” Pelissero wrote.

“Some scouts thought he looked closer to 210, which would be on the lighter side for NFL QBs. So good to have some extra pounds.”

Interestingly enough, Burrow’s hand size was also smaller than people thought it would be.

“By popular demand: Joe Burrow has 9-inch hands,” Pelissero reported.

Nine inches, for what it is worth, is actually on the small size for NFL quarterback hands.

Meanwhile, Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s numbers more or less came in as expected.

“Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa measured in at 6-foot even and 217 pounds,” noted Pelissero.

“Hand size: 9 7/8 inches.”

All in all, none of these stats will likely have a dramatic impact on the top of the order in the NFL Draft. That said, every little bit of information about prospects helps provide a window into what they will ultimately look like as pros.

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