JJ Redick Reveals How Kobe Bryant Learned From Him (Video)

JJ Redick Reveals How Kobe Bryant Learned From Him (Video)

J.J. Redick made a name for himself at Duke as being a sharpshooter with unlimited range and an uncanny ability to score in a hurry.

When he transitioned into the NBA, Redick lost some of his scoring punch – but remained a deadly marksman from beyond the arc. That would hold true for the entirety of his run as a pro.

Redick’s shooting abilities were not lost on other players around the league. They were so respected, in fact, that even all-time greats took notice.

Recently, Redick told a fascinating story about Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant on his podcast:

“I was fortunate to be part of the USA basketball program my first three years in the NBA,” he recalled.

“This is right after college, I got named to the national team roster or whatever and I couldn’t participate my first year and I go to do it my second year. And after the first practice, Kobe asked me to shoot our spot shots. You know, our post-practice shooting with each other, and I thought he was doing me a favor. I really did. I was like ‘Oh, Kobe’s being nice’ and we start shooting.”

That’s when Redick noticed something.

“We get to like the third spot and I realize as every time I go up and I jump and I release, he’s studying my shot. Like he asked me to shoot with him so that he could try to pick up something about how I shot. Like that’s just the way he was. He was always just looking to get better. And by the way, it was a favor because that still was one of my favorite basketball memories that I have is post-practice shooting with Kobe Bryant.”

Bryant is a legend who was taken from the world too soon. As such, these sorts of stories about him are always a treat.

Whether it’s Tracy McGrady recalling the most Kobe thing Kobe ever did, Pau Gasol revealing the two sides to his former teammate or the totally sensible explanation as to why Kobe had no friends – all these tales are a treat.

Which one will ultimately go viral next?

Time will tell.

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