Jerry Jones Reacts To Cowboys Parting Ways With Jason Garrett

Jerry Jones Reacts To Cowboys Parting Ways With Jason Garrett

Jerry Jones Reacts To Cowboys Parting Ways With Jason Garrett

Jerry Jones reacted to the Cowboys parting ways with Jason Garrett this week.

Or more specifically, he quietly and sadly refused to publicly acknowledge what has been privately understood for months.

With Dallas officially being eliminated from playoff contention on Sunday, Garrett’s time with the organization has come to a swift end.

An official announcement will come sooner rather than later, but the writing is on the wall.

It was widely understood that barring a Super Bowl run, Garrett would not get an extension. Ultimately, the Cowboys never even got a chance to compete for the Super Bowl because they never made the playoffs to begin with.

Jones was extremely somber after the final game of the season.

“We’ll have several busy days … ahead,” he said.

“I don’t have any comments … to share about any pending decisions about coaches, players, anything within the organization at this time.”

Fox Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer reported on Sunday that Garrett will officially be done with Dallas once his contract expires this coming week.

The Cowboys came into 2019 with a lot of hype, but ultimately the big talk never turned into anything real. When it was all said and done, the team finished 8-8.

Now Dallas will look to the future. Jones will likely have his pick of some of the biggest names in both professional and collegiate football to fill the vacancy left behind by Garrett.

A few names to keep on eye on in the coming weeks are: Dan Campbell, Urban Meyer, Lincoln Riley, Mike Zimmer and Gary Kubiak.

Who will ultimately get the nod? We’ll likely get our answer at some point over the next month.

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  1. Jerry Jones aren’t you tired of losing? Fire Coach Garrett, and the rest of the coaching staff ,and clean house on all your lazy players who think their some kind of celeberties . LOL…their losers, and have made you, and Dallas look like losers. Get it done Mr. Jerry.

  2. Jerry Jones is the worst part of the Cowboys. He overlooks better players to keep mediocre players. Ezekiel Elliot is a bum. If it wasn’t for the offensive line…Elliot would be where Darren McFadden is right now…
    Keep making bums rich… while you watch the playoffs at home.
    Cowboys suck!

  3. Jerry you came along bought the Dallas Cowboys hired a future Hall of Fame coach and your college roommate Jimmy Johnson and the man built the Dallas Cowboys into a Dynasty with his trading of beloved Herschel Walker to the Vikings along got you a dozen players or picks. A prelude to the Patriots and Bill Belichick the Cowboys could of, should of, would of made that happen if you would of kept your nose out of it, hired a real GM even if it’s your own son Stephen. Nope couldn’t do that. You had to stick your nose in overruled Jimmy Johnson in certain matters just to show him that you could you pissed the man off who could have brought you more than just a dynasty. What were you left with after his departure? You are left with all the talent in the world you could have brought in a celebrity coach every week that year and still won the Super Bowl that you chose Barry Switzer. Barry Switzer couldn’t keep 18 to 22 year old men in line or teach them right from wrong. They had no leadership they had no discipline After Jimmy left and what we got for the next 25 to 30 years was failure and I blame you and you alone. First of all in a very distasteful manner you fired the Beloved Tom Landry who was mr. Cowboy in the state of Texas and you did it your way and it left a bad taste in everybody’s mouth. Then Along Comes Jason Garrett Troy Aikman’s backup for many years the true cowboy thick and thin a player’s coach by any sense of the word or phrase. Jason your downfall is this you are not a disciplinarian there Comes A Time when the buddy buddy player-coach relationships need to be distant. You can’t be everybody’s friend all the time. I don’t think you had an ounce of meanness in you and that was your liability. I think you could get the players to really play for you and they did but they did it with the mentality of it’s alright Jason’s cool I don’t feel good this year I still got next year. The walls are caving in for Jason long before this year sorry to say it but he should have went about 5 years ago. I’m sure he’ll be Jerry’s personal assistant next year and years to come. Jason did a lot for the Dallas Cowboys but there’s certain things he should have done Daddy didn’t and that was to bench all these lazy ass guys who think they’re all that. To be brutally honest I’ve never been sold on Dak Prescott even to this day. Is a very accurate passer but I don’t think he’s got the Killer Instinct in him just like Tony Romo didn’t have.. if you’re going to change the Dallas Cowboys and you’re going to get rid of Jason Garrett you better not stop there you better clean house from top to bottom all these lazy ass players that I mentioned earlier cut their ass get players that have the will to win the desire to win. That’s what Jimmy Johnson had look at Michael Irvin for instance does he not bleed Cowboys blood. Michael got disciplined by Jimi at Miami in college and then again with the Cowboys and Michael let it be known to the rest of the players Jimmy Johnson don’t take no shit from nobody so y’all better get your game on. Was that not the greatest statement he ever said. In this world there’s a lot of greed Jerry you fit right in do you want to be the owner the head coach the general manager the oil man the Dallas Cowboy man all in one you want the glory to be all for Jerry. That’s why we haven’t won a title in 30 plus years cuz you had too much say so. Be the owner sit in the Box let your son be the GM let Steven run everything and you could have counted the trophies. You are the Steinbrenner of the NFL you took over for Al Davis as the most hated owner in football a title you carry well that’s coming from a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan. Like I said with my Cubs for so many years maybe next year.

  4. I would be embarrassed to have years ago talent and.prayers to not done anything teams need to grow and not be stagnated sit back and enjoy your money Jerry leave the playing to the players and real Coaching Please

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