Jerry Jones Hiring Urban Meyer To Be Next Cowboys Coach

Jerry Jones Hiring Urban Meyer To Be Next Cowboys Coach

Jerry Jones Hiring Urban Meyer To Be Next Cowboys Coach

Jerry Jones is hiring Urban Meyer to be the next Cowboys coach, that much is clear now.

Dallas is currently 6-7 through 13 games and will likely lose again this weekend to the resurgent Los Angeles Rams.

With the Philadelphia Eagles now tied for the NFC East lead with a 6-7 mark, it is very possible that the Cowboys will miss the playoffs altogether.

Even if Dallas does limp into the postseason, though, Jason Garrett’s days as head coach are numbered.

Barring a Super Bowl run, nothing will change Garrett’s fate.

The obvious question now becomes: who will the next Cowboys coach be?

Over the past few weeks rumors have grown louder and louder that Meyer may be the man to step into Garrett’s shoes.

At the beginning of the college football season it looked to be a foregone conclusion that Meyer would end up at USC next year. However, the Trojans opted to retain Clay Helton and barring a coaching change at Notre Dame, Meyer may find himself jobless.

That is where Jones would come in.

It is clear what the Cowboys owner sees in Meyer. Between two National Championships with Florida and a third at Ohio State, he has a resume that few can match.

Beyond that, four players on Dallas’ roster previously played at Ohio State under Meyer – including star running back Ezekiel Elliot.

The Cowboys have only won three of their last 10 games and are clearly spinning their wheel with Garrett at the helm.

Some have criticized Jones recently for being both the team’s owner and general manager, arguing that it is a less than ideal structure.

Jones pushed back on that notion this week, though.

“I’ve always thought when you can cut out the person between the decision maker and the people doing the recommending, you can make quicker, more succinct and more responsive decisions,” he said.

“There has never been any doubt in anybody’s mind how I run the Dallas Cowboys and how I ran the Cowboys from the day I got here.”

Jones did not stop there, though.

“Since Day 1, we have made decisions on a contributed basis from key people, whether it be Jimmy Johnson when he first got here, whether we included Troy Aikman in the decision or not,” he continued.

“But ultimately that’s called input and ultimately somebody has to break ties if somebody disagrees. That’s my job. In pro football, the guy who ultimately has any responsibility for paying the bills makes the decisions.”

Is Meyer the right man to be the next Cowboys coach? It remains to be seen.

Is he likely now the frontrunner to get the job? Absolutely.

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