Jerry Jones Has Surprising Take On Texans, Deshaun Watson

Jerry Jones Has Surprising Take On Texans, Deshaun Watson

Jerry Jones Has Surprising Take On Texans, Deshaun Watson

Jerry Jones had a surprising take on the Texans and Deshaun Watson recently.

Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are currently in the process of negotiating with quarterback Dak Prescott regarding a new contract.

This week, reporters asked Jones how that was going and what he thought of the sort of paydays quarterbacks were commanding nowadays.

“It’s always been expensive for quarterbacks,” he said.

“My first one was Troy Aikman and I made him the highest-paid player in the NFL.”

At the moment, all of the league’s top compensated athletes are quarterbacks.

Seattle Seahawks star Russell Wilson tops the list at $35 million annually on a $140 million contract.

Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers is next, with $34 million annually.

Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers earns $33.5 million, Jared Goff of the Los Angeles Rams $33.5 million and Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles takes home $32 million.

Prescott is about to join that elite company, with Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes and the Texans’ Watson not far behind.

On that note, Jones was also asked what he thought of Watson and his future with the Texans.

“I’ve always been amazed by him,” Jones said of Watson.

“This year, I was especially impressed. I was impressed by him two years ago when he beat us in overtime.

“He’s an outstanding quarterback. It’s going to be a bright future for the Texans.”

It is widely expected that Watson will get a deal worth somewhere in the $38 to 40 million range this summer.

How close will Prescott get to that? Time will tell.

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