Jemele Hill’s Mom Is A Trump Supporter

Jemele Hill’s Mom Is A Trump Supporter

Jemele Hill’s Mom Is A Trump Supporter

Jemele Hill sparked controversy this past weekend when she referred to all supporters of President Donald Trump as “racist.”

Things took an unexpected turn when it was revealed that Hill’s own mother is a supporter of the President.

On Sunday, Hill started things off by tweeting a relatively bold message: “If you vote for Donald Trump, you are a racist. You have no wiggle room.”

Although the statement was a strong one, it was not necessarily unexpected coming from staunch anti-Trump personality such as Hill.

The former ESPN reporter has spent the last few years developing a reputation as someone who loves to venture into political waters, so this was more or less par for the course.

Everything veered off track, however, when eagle-eyed Twitter users went back through Hill’s old tweets and found something odd: an admission by her that her own mother voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton.

As of Monday morning, Hill has yet to acknowledge the messages surrounding her mother.

Hill has always been something of a lightning rod for controversy.

Three years ago, when she was still with ESPN, she found herself in hot water for referring to President Trump as a white supremacist.

Eventually she left ESPN when the Worldwide Leader in Sports bought out her $2.5 million contract, and later signed with The Atlantic.

Since signing with The Atlantic, Hill has been far more outspoken on political issues – as her new employers were far more comfortable with it than her old employers were.

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