Jeff Van Gundy Getting Fired For ‘Offensive’ Statement? (Video)

Jeff Van Gundy Getting Fired For ‘Offensive’ Statement? (Video)

Monday night’s showdown between the Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Clippers may have lasting ramifications for one broadcaster.

During the game, Jeff Van Gundy drew the ire of social media by describing a particular sequence with a phrase that rubbed folks the wrong way.

“I’m sick of the sissification of the game,” he said.

Social media today being what it is, fans at home immediately took offense to the statement.

Van Gundy is not the first broadcaster to come under fire in recent days. Marv Albert, who is retiring after this year, caught a lot of heat for what many described as a racist comment.

So will Van Gundy ultimately get fired? Probably not. But based on past precedent, it wouldn’t be all that shocking to see the ABC/ESPN reprimand him in some capacity.

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