Jay Bilas Reveals Duke Mount Rushmore

Jay Bilas Reveals Duke Mount Rushmore

Jay Bilas Reveals Duke Mount Rushmore

Jay Bilas revealed his Duke Mount Rushmore recently.

Grant Hill was his top selection.

“I would put Grant Hill as No. 1 because I believe he is the best player to ever play at Duke,” Bilas said.

“And then, Christian Laettner is right there and probably the most decorated.

“I would put Johnny Dawkins up there because I think Johnny Dawkins was the most important player Duke’s ever had. Without Johnny Dawkins I’m not sure there’s a Coach K to the level of Coach K now,” he continued.

“I would probably go with [Bobby] Hurley,” Bilas continued.

“Bobby was an extraordinary point guard, great competitor, but you combine his passing, the way he could play up-tempo, and then he was a great defensive player. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody – at least in a Duke uniform – that could reassume pressure like him.”

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