Jason Garrett Tries To Save Job With Desperate Move

Jason Garrett Tries To Save Job With Desperate Move

Jason Garrett Tries To Save Job With Desperate Move

Jason Garrett tried to save his job with a desperate move this week.

The Dallas Cowboys are 6-7 through 13 games this year.

Although many believe that this team possesses Super Bowl-level talent, they are limping towards the postseason.

There is a very good chance that the only reason they’ll make the playoffs is due to having a head-to-head win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles are currently tied with Dallas for the NFC East lead.

With the Cowboys in the midst of a three-game losing streak it is becoming increasingly clear that Garrett is on the outs.

His contract expires at the end of the season. Jerry Jones has shown zero interest in giving him a new one.

Barring a miraculous Super Bowl run, Garrett is as good as gone.

In last a last-ditch effort to save his job, Garrett pulled a desperate move this week.

According to Clarence Hill Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Garrett decided to remind his team of how talented it is.

“In effort to get the Cowboy out of their slump coach Jason Garrett showed his team a reel of their highlight plays this week to show them how good they are at their best. It included a few plays from last season,” he tweeted out.

The problem here is that all this does is remind everyone of why Garrett needs to go.

The Cowboys clearly have too much talent to be performing this poorly. The combination of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot alone would turn most teams into 10+ win squads.

Garrett can try to fight against the tidal wave all he wants, but come season’s end – he’s gone.

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