Jameis Winston To New England Patriots A Done Deal?

Jameis Winston To New England Patriots A Done Deal?

Jameis Winston To New England Patriots A Done Deal?

Is Jameis Winston to the New England Patriots a done deal? It does not appear so.

According to multiple reports, the Patriots have not committed to signing the former Florida State standout.

On Friday morning, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers officially inked Tom Brady to a two-year deal. That effectively ended Winston’s time with the organization once and for all.

Naturally, many began to speculate about what may come next for him. Seeing as New England had just lost its quarterback, having Winston step into his role seemed like a natural solution.

No so fast, according to some insiders.

On Friday afternoon, Mike Giardi reported that an insider he had conversations with regarding the matter called Winston to New England “unlikely.”

Last year, Winston became the first quarterback in league history to throw 30 picks and 30 touchdowns in one year. That unfortunate accomplishment is a big reason why he is currently without work.

Will someone ultimately take a chance on Winston? Of course. He is too talented to be forced out of the league.

But he may have to sit on the sidelines for a while until better options are off the board.

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