Jackson Mahomes Undermines Patrick Mahomes In Latest Video

Jackson Mahomes Undermines Patrick Mahomes In Latest Video

Jackson Mahomes undermined Patrick Mahomes in his latest video that was released this past week.

Jackson has come to be known in recent years for being something of a social media influencer.

What has elevated his profile more than it probably should is the fact that his older brother, Patrick, is the star quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs and one of the greatest players in NFL history.

Everyone loves Patrick, but the one knock on him is that he has shined a light on Jackson and made him semi-famous.

This week, not long after an icy exchange between Patrick and Jackson went mega-viral, the latter undermined the former once again by releasing one of his typically-awful social media videos. It was the first time he had done so in many months.

@jacksonmahomesdrafts♬ Paint The Town Red – Doja Cat

Reactions to Jackson’s most recent efforts were roughly what you would expect.

Fans didn’t hold back.

“Why is he back?” one person wrote.

“Can you go back into hibernation?” another replied.

“Ick,” a third fan chimed in.

At this point, Jackson knows full well that nobody likes his stuff. He also understands that releasing videos like this, just as the NFL season is getting under way, is undermining to Patrick.

It puts his big brother in the headlines for something negative instead of something positive.

And yet Jackson does it anyway.

Interestingly enough, Jackson often gets lumped in with Patrick’s wife, Brittany Mahomes. Some believe that the two are similarly detrimental to Patrick’s brand.

But that’s not true.

Yes, Brittany occasionally trends for things like her recent outfit to her beau’s preseason game. That is relatively harmless, though. And she clearly provides Patrick with a ton of emotional support and love.

Jackson doesn’t really do any of that. He is primarily a nuisance to his brother.

Will 2023 mark the year Patrick can finally get Jackson under control? Time will tell, but early signs like this week’s video point to that not being the case.

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