Is Mike Tyson Offering $10M For Someone To Marry His Daughter?

Is Mike Tyson Offering $10M For Someone To Marry His Daughter?

Is Mike Tyson Offering $10M For Someone To Marry His Daughter?

Is Mike Tyson offering $10 million for someone to marry his daughter? No. The story is untrue and has been spreading across social media like wildfire despite being blatantly false.

On Wednesday, a bizarre article emerged online suggesting that Tyson was planning on paying $10 million to any man who would marry his 30-year-old daughter, Mikey Lorna.

Just based on the content of the rumor alone it is somewhat clear that the story was totally made up, but that has not stopped some media outlets from perpetuating it.

Tyson, 53, is widely regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time.

He was world-renowned for his aggressive, in-your-face style that exhausted opponents and ultimately left them laying in a heap on the canvas.

Widely regarded in his prime as the Baddest Man On The Planet, Tyson currently holds the third longest unified championship reign in heavyweight history with eight defenses in a row.

Seeing as ESPN ranks him as the No. 1 hardest hitter of all time, it would be interesting to see if whoever is making up these rumors about Tyson’s daughter would be willing to stand in front of him and make the same sort of assertions.

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  1. Yeah, I couldn’t do it even if it was real. Say the wrong thing an next thing you know you got Iron Mike punchin a hole through ma head? Hard pass

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