Is Mike D’Antoni Leaving The Houston Rockets?

Is Mike D’Antoni Leaving The Houston Rockets?

Is Mike D’Antoni Leaving The Houston Rockets?

Is Mike D’Antoni leaving the Houston Rockets? Many are speculating on the veteran coach’s status seeing as he only has this season remaining on his contract.

Recently, his agent Warren LeGarie publicly discussed the matter.

“Mike is somebody with a lot of integrity and you make a commitment and you fulfill the commitment — regardless of if it goes past (the length of the deal),” LeGarie said.

“It’s obviously something we have to work out, but he would never, ever walk away from what he feels is a moral responsibility to see it through with his team and especially with his players. He would never abandon somebody because of a technicality.”

Team general manager Daryl Morey seems equally confident about D’Antoni’s status with the organization.

“I don’t want to go into any specifics, but I think that there’s not much needed (in terms of his contract),” Morey said.

“That’s not always the case with everything during this time. I know the league lawyers are having to work on a thousand things with different legal aspects, and the Players Union and stuff. But in this case, I think things are pretty straightforward.”

The Rockets have been immensely successful with D’Antoni, so making it a priority to retain him makes a lot of sense.

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