Is A Big Trade Brewing Between Warriors, Pelicans?

Is A Big Trade Brewing Between Warriors, Pelicans?

The Golden State Warriors have made it abundantly clear that they have every intention of competing for an NBA title next season.

Meanwhile, although the New Orleans Pelicans seem to understand that championship aspirations might be a bit lofty, they seem intent on establishing themselves as a team worthy of Zion Williamson. Recent reports of him being unhappy and wanting out have sent tremors throughout the organization. Winning is the only solution.

The Pelicans have made it no secret that they don’t feel like Williamson and Brandon Ingram can form a truly great partnership. Over the past few months, the latter has been offered up in a potential swap with the Miami Heat and has been dangled in front of the Portland Trail Blazers for Damian Lillard. Thus far, nothing has materialized.

Interestingly enough, there is a trade out there that could help both the Warriors and Pelicans reach their objectives.

As noted by Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report, one deal makes a ton of sense for all parties involved. In this trade the Warriors would come away with Ingram, Tomas Satoransky and Jaxson Hayes, while the Pelicans would get Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman and Jonathan Kuminga. A clear win-win.

“It might be worth sacrificing two blue-chip prospects and Andrew Wiggins for this package,” he noted. “Brandon Ingram can walk into a second or third scoring role—depending on how Klay Thompson looks on this side of a torn ACL and Achilles—Tomas Satoransky offers plug-and-play rotation depth and Jaxson Hayes has the above-the-rim interior element the Dubs would be missing without Wiseman.”

What would New Orleans be getting out of this?

“If the Pelicans sense a bit of patience from Zion Williamson, this exchange could put him in a better chance to succeed in New Orleans,” Buckley continued. “Wiseman’s budding perimeter game and paint protection should make him a snug frontcourt fit with Williamson, Kuminga’s explosive athleticism and shot-creating potential point to a massive ceiling and Andrew Wiggins still has drool-worthy physical tools plus more polish than ever.”

The Warriors are currently very split on possibly making a move for Ben Simmons with the Philadelphia 76ers. If that happens, then obviously this deal will not. However, if the Simmons thing fails to come to fruition – this could make for a very nice Plan B.

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