Instagram Model Exposes Antonio Brown, Pays The Price

Instagram Model Exposes Antonio Brown, Pays The Price

A well-known Instagram model who famously revealed that NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown slid into her DMs is now facing the consequences of that decision.

Emmy Lou, who has nearly 59,000 Instagram followers, admitted recently that as a result of her outing Brown in such public and humiliating fashion, he ultimately blocked her on social media. Now she needs a new athlete to call her own.

Instagram Model Exposes Antonio Brown, Pays The Price 1

Roughly a year ago, Emmy Lou went viral after posing for a serious of suggestive photos featuring herself in Brown’s jersey. They blew up so much that eventually Brown himself took notice. In an effort to show her how much he appreciated them, he sent her a message indicating that she was “sexy.”

Instagram Model Exposes Antonio Brown, Pays The Price 2

From there – everyone knows what happened. She subsequently exposed him and what could have been a blossoming friendship ended before it could ever even get off the ground.

The lesson here? If an athlete slides into your DMs, don’t rush into exposing him unless you want to spook him away for good.

Brown’s female-Instagram-model drama notwithstanding, he currently has bigger fish to fry than online shenanigans. A few weeks back, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took a chance on him and added him to a wide receiving group that already had Mike Evans and Chris Godwin on it.

Initial results were mixed.

In his first game, last Sunday’s showdown against the New Orleans Saints, Brown recorded three receptions for 31 yards and no touchdowns. Although those numbers admittedly look low, it was less the result of something the 32-year-old did wrong and more the byproduct of quarterback Tom Brady’s general ineptness in that outing.

Over the course of his career, Brown has recorded 841 catches for 11,253 yards. He is objectively a stud. If the Bucs’ offense can just figure out a way to get on track, he could prove to be a truly impactful member of the organization.

So long as Brown keeps his head on straight, doesn’t get distracted by the Instagram models, and fights his natural urges to cause waves – his tenure in Tampa Bay could go a long way in healing what has ailed him and legitimately fix his reputation around the NFL.

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