HyperX announces first switch design gaming keyboard

HyperX the notable keyboard manufacturing company has announced the first gaming keyboard which uses the design made by the company itself. It is a break from what they used to use before that is built on the designs from Cherry MX or Kailh.

If you are a gamer and you ever wished that you want your keyboard to look brighter or rather, “redder” than it is, Alloy Origin might be something you would want to check out. It comes with translucent keycaps which enhance the colour and in general, make your desk look way more relaxed. However, you can also go for demure black keycaps if you don’t want your office to look like something out of a movie. Amazing as the design may be, this keyboard is also not very handy for programmers or mechanical enthusiasts as the bright lights may be quite distracting. The new model has also reduced the shaving travel distance to 3.8mm and the actuation point to 1.8mm, which is 0.8mm lower than a standard MX. This keyboard design is mainly targeted towards competitive gamers because of its extremely high responsiveness.

The keyboard has a thin aluminium frame with the choice of hyper X black pudding translucent keycaps along with standard black keycaps as well. It will be released approximately from September and will have a price tag of $109.99 which is the same price as the Hyper XS, which is similar to the Alloy FPS RGB which uses the Kailh switches.

The gaming companies and multinationals of the USA have found this innovation to be extremely profitable and popular among the gaming community. Pre-bookings for the keyboard have already started flooding in and this can most probably be the next big thing the gaming world will see. So if you are a gamer, and have not already booked yours, you might be missing out.

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