How LeBron Reacted To Kyle Kuzma’s Missed Buzzer Beater

How LeBron Reacted To Kyle Kuzma’s Missed Buzzer Beater

The Washington Wizards defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 127-124 on Monday night. Much as was the case after Alex Caruso clanked a potential buzzer beater a few days earlier, LeBron James’ reaction to a teammate’s failure quickly went viral after the fact.

With 11 seconds left in overtime and LA down by three, James got the ball and took it all the way down the court. Knowing that time was running out, he launched a long three – only for it to bounce off the rim.

Fortunately, Kyle Kuzma was able to secure the rebound. With just under four seconds remaining, he ran behind the three-point line and launched a prayer.

It missed.

In the midst of that hectic sequence, fans at home noticed something interesting: James’ reaction to Kuzma’s miss.

Why did James just leaving Kuzma on the floor stand out? Because three years ago, when he first arrived in Los Angeles, James famously told his teammates to always stay down when they fall because a fellow Laker will come to pick them back up.

The fact that it didn’t happen on Monday night really tickled some fans.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time something like this has transpired. A while back, James and Anthony Davis also completely ignored Kuzma in similar fashion – garnering similar reactions from the public.

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