How Katya Elise Henry Made Tyler Herro’s Birthday Special (Photos)

How Katya Elise Henry Made Tyler Herro’s Birthday Special (Photos)

Miami Heat star Tyler Herro turned 22 this past week. His Instagram model girlfriend Katya Elise Henry tried her hardest to make sure it was a memorable occasion.

After an objectively disappointing sophomore campaign last year, one that saw him get called out by both his star teammates and Heat President Pat Riley, Herro has bounced back strong in Year 3.

The former Kentucky standout’s 20.7 points per game and 4.0 assists per game are career highs. Best yet, both his shooting percentage from the field and from beyond the arc are hovering around career bests as well. He’s not just scoring a lot of points – he is doing it more efficiently than he traditionally has throughout his short NBA career.

But Herro isn’t just winning on the court. As his relationship with Henry – with whom he now shares a baby – proves, he is doing quite well off it as well.

In an memorable Instagram post, Henry went to great lengths to describe why Herro’s birthday this week is such an important occasion.

Now that’s love.

It’s also worth mentioning, Henry’s IG post here is quite the departure from her usual, more provocative content on the platform:

Big picture, a lot of fans didn’t expect these two to last. It has been a wild ride for them. They had some very high highs at one point, overcame a bizarre love triangle, and then somehow managed to clown Kyle Kuzma without even trying. Through it all, they stayed together.

Time will tell if they eventually get married and live happy lives together, but that definitely seems to be the path they are currently on.

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