Houston Texans Considering In-Game Protest?

Houston Texans Considering In-Game Protest?

Houston Texans Considering In-Game Protest?

The Houston Texans are considering an in-game protest, team head coach and general manager Bill O’Brien admitted this week.

“I would say anything is possible,” he said Saturday morning in a conversation with the media.

O’Brien’s comments come in light of multiple sports teams and leagues speaking out following the police shooting of 29-year-old Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“Just speaking for the Houston Texans, I’m really proud of these guys that are on our team. We have a lot of really good veteran guys that are really passionate about football, really passionate about what’s going on in the world.

“The thing that really strikes me as a coach is you’re always in a rush you want to make sure everything is going well you’re thinking about the next play, the next three plays from now, but these players they’re not in a rush. Our players are really thoughtful. They want to think about things. They don’t want to rush to make any decisions on anything. It’s been really enlightening to me.”

O’Brien was one of the first coaches to signal that he would kneel for the National Anthem after the death of George Floyd back in June, so none of this should really come as much of a surprise. He has a tendency to be outspoken on these matters.

O’Brien was not the only notable NFL personality to speak out on Blake’s shooting and what it meant big picture.

“We’ve talked about a wide variety of ways to protest and a boycott in Week One, obviously, that’s something that has been discussed,” Arizona Cardinals nose tackle Corey Peters said this past week.

“But I think as far as the next steps, I don’t think we’re there yet. We’re still trying to talk with some of the leaders on the team and trying to figure out what’s the best way to make the biggest impact.”

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson also spoke out.

“I think just witnessing what happened to Jacob and everything else and all the things have added up to this, it’s devastating,” he said.

“It’s truly devastating just to watch that. This isn’t like this hasn’t been doing on for years. That’s the scary part and sad part. The difference now is we get to see it every day because of social media and phones and everything else.

“I think the world is truly seeing the ugliness of society at times, and I think what’s really disappointing is just knowing that as we athletes try to make a difference and sometimes people don’t want to listen and don’t want to recognize that that could have been us, that could be us.”

New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton echoed that sentiment.

“What’s going on in this country of ours at times is extremely disgusting,” he said.

“And until we find a fix, then more than ever we have to unify as one as much as possible. From the Black Lives Matter campaign to the social injustice, bringing awareness with that, to just everybody becoming more aware of certain things, and not necessarily turning their ear, turning their face with things that are extremely blatant.”

Overall, it is clear that NFL players are itching to do something meaningful to start the season. What that something will ultimately end up being remains to be seen.

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