Hawks’ Trae Young ‘Open’ To Being Traded To 1 NBA Team

Hawks’ Trae Young ‘Open’ To Being Traded To 1 NBA Team

Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young is no stranger to hearing his name come up in trade talks.

For the past few seasons the Hawks have become synonymous with mediocrity. Sometimes they overplay relative to expectations; other times they underperform. But more often than not – they are just really average.

With the NBA Trade Deadline rapidly approaching, Young’s name has come up as a potential trade target. In total, three teams have been mentioned as possible destinations for him.

But where does Young himself want to go?

According to NBA insider Matt Moore, the San Antonio Spurs are a squad to keep an eye on as it pertains to Young.

“A more interesting question is if the Spurs and Hawks would have interest in a deal for Young,” he wrote.

“League sources have suggested that Young’s camp would be open — if he is traded, which is a significant clause here — to pairing Young with Victor Wembanyama.

“The two teams have already done a big trade for [Dejounte] Murray, obviously, and Atlanta would surely be interested in getting back some of the draft picks it sent the Spurs for Murray.”

So far this season Young is averaging 27.8 points and 11.1 assists per game. For his career, he averages 25.7 points and 9.5 assists per outing.

It is easy to see why combining his unique talents with those of Wembanyama is appealing to some within the Spurs’ organization.

That being said, Atlanta hasn’t yet signaled that the front office is truly ready to throw in the towel on building around Young.

A Murray trade is far more likely – with one possible destination quickly emerging as the likeliest potential landing spot for him.

One way or another, the Hawks figure to be busy ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline. Will Young still be on the roster when it comes and goes? Time will tell.

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