Goodbye to YouTube Gaming

It’s shocking news to the lovers of YouTube gaming app. They have to bid adieu to their favourite Gaming app as Google has decided to shut down YouTube Gaming app on May 30. The main reason to cite down the closure of this app is to make a strong base on YouTube for game lovers and not in just YouTube gaming app. Official sources from Google, however, have revealed that all the content for gaming will be available on the main YouTube app.

The YouTube gaming app was launched in 2015. It was mainly invented to give a good competition to its competitor Twitch, owned by Amazon streaming site. It was updated regularly to highlight creators. In September 2018, a new hub of YouTube gaming App was launched to find new games and streamers.

However, the YouTube Gaming App was unable to attract the volume of traffic is expected to do. Earlier in 2019, Google had already removed the app from the Google Play Store and Apple Play Store. Ryan Wyatt head of gaming at YouTube said on September during the launch of the new hub that the main problem with this app was it was not able to create the content that users would find interesting. So there was not much of the difference in YouTube Gaming App and the normal YouTube App. Hence many users were visiting the YouTube App for the better gaming experience. Though there were some dedicated users, still the number was not convincing enough.

Google recently made it big into the gaming sector with Google Stadia, which is designed for watching high-end video games on the internet. The core of Google Stadia is YouTube. Viewers can play games from trailers of YouTube, find video through Google assistant and join their favourite YouTube streamers in multiplayer games.

Jennifer Withers Hoey

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