Gillie Da Kid Responds To Criticism Over His ‘All Lives Matter’ Video

Gillie Da Kid Responds To Criticism Over His ‘All Lives Matter’ Video

Gillie Da Kid Responds To Criticism Over His ‘All Lives Matter’ Video

An old video came out this week of Barstool Sports’ Gillie Da Kid explaining why he prefers to say “All Lives Matter” over “Black Lives Matter.”

“So, I keep getting the same question, ‘Gillie, you always giving up game. Why you don’t ever give no game on Black Lives Matter?,'” he says in the clip.

“‘Cause I don’t get to that shit, nigga. All Lives Matter, nigga. I don’t give a fuck if you White, Black, blue, purple, brown, tangerine, NIGGA, All Lives Matter.”

He didn’t stop there, though.


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“Y’all want a nigga to go out here head first telling these muthafuckin’ White people Black Lives Matter, but my muthafuckin’ Black life didn’t matter to the nigga that tried to execute me,” he continued.

“To the nigga that shot me in my muthafuckin’ wrist, stomach and my foot. The nigga that tried to have my mama singing ‘It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye,’ my Black life didn’t matter to that nigga.

“All the niggas I knew were shot by niggas. What about my muthafuckin’ nieces and nephews who half Black and half White? Only 50 percent of they lives matter, nigga?”

After the video received a ton of backlash this week, Gillie came out and addressed it on Instagram.

Essentially, although he did not denounce his original opinions, Gillie noted that the video was an extremely old one and doesn’t fully encapsulate his present day thoughts.

Although he still sees some issues with the whole “Black Lives Matter” vs “All Lives Matter,” Gillie did acknowledge that black Americans are facing serious issues that need to be addressed.

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