Giants Make Surprising Eli Manning Decision

Giants Make Surprising Eli Manning Decision

Giants Make Surprising Eli Manning Decision

The Giants made a surprising Eli Manning decision this week.

Speaking to the media recently, team owner John Mara admitted that Manning and the organization were discussing him returning.

This came as a shock to some, who assumed that Manning was officially done as a member of the Giants now that the Daniel Jones Era was upon us.

Manning was benched for Jones early last season, but ultimately got to play a bit when the first rounder got hurt down the stretch.

After the season ended, Manning admitted that he still had an itch to play and that being a backup was not particularly fun.

Seeing as teams are not exactly lining up to give the 39-year-old a starting job, many began to wonder whether retirement was imminent.

Apparently not.

In an interview with on WFAN’s Moose and Maggie, Mara said that he had met with Manning and the pair discussed potential options for the veteran passer.

“No I haven’t closed any doors on (Manning suiting up as a Giant again),” Mara said.

“Eli came to see me a few days ago, and we had a nice long talk. But I don’t think he’s fully decided yet what he wants to do. And I told him to just take his time, think about it some more and then come back and see me again.”

When pressed on whether he thought Manning would be willing to return as a backup, Mara suggested that he thought so.

“Yeah, I think so,” he replied.

“Obviously that’s something that Joe Judge is gonna have something to say about, as well. And I’m not sure that that’s what Eli wants to do, but again he needs to think about it a little bit more.”

Regardless what Manning wants to do, Mara has presented him with a lot of choices.

“I’ve mentioned to him the possibility of thinking about other roles in the organization, and he’s just undecided right now,” he added.

“The season just ended recently, and he needs to take some more time and think about it. And I told him there’s no time limit on that. We’ll talk whenever he’s ready to sit down and talk again.”

Given how likely it appeared that Manning and the Giants were done with one another at the end of the season, this is an interesting development.

Will Manning ultimately come back as a reserve quarterback in 2020-21? We should find out for sure at some point in the next few months.

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  1. Well imma giants fans and i dont care this being on social media if he do come back he’s gone have to make a change, example like the position Daniel jones plays Eli gota stop staying in that hunt 🏃 the ball dont be afraid getting hit dance around that field defense gota protect strongly on protecting quarterback but they hold em 4 to long to get to him just do what it do eli if u do decide to comeback to play 1 last round i believe we can win two more or 3 this decade but the rest of our team we gud 💪 lets show what we made of we they coming up against the real Vc keeping it real im out 1 luv

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