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Georgia Star’s Father Sues School

Georgia Star’s Father Sues School

Georgia Star’s Father Sues School

A Georgia star’s father sued the school recently.

Shortly after quarterback Jake Fromm announced that he was leaving the Bulldogs to join the NFL, news emerged that offensive lineman Cade Mays is also leaving the program.

Mays, a five-star blue-chip recruit, originally selected Georgia over Tennessee. It appears he is now righting that wrong and transferring to the Vols.

But that is not all.

According to 247Sports, the Mays family is suing Georgia and others over a recruiting incident from two years ago. The incident involved Mays’ father, Kevin, needing to get part of his finger amputated after getting it caught in a folding chair in a Georgia facility.

“During dinner, as Plantiff Kevin Mays attempted to stand up, the building support column situated behind the subject folding chair prevented the subject folding chair from moving backwards, and the subject folding chair folded up, catching his finger in the hinge of the subject folding chair,” the filing notes.

“UGA Offensive Line Coach Sam Pittman picked up Plantiff Kevin Mays’s severed finger, and it was put on ice,” it continues.

“Plantiff Kevin Mays was transported to Piedmont Hospital in Athens for treatment, where he was diagnosed with partial amputation and fracture involving the fifth distal phalanx of the right hand. Plantiff Kevin Mays is right-handed. At the Emergency Room, his pain level on a scale from 1-10 was a 10.”

At the moment, there is nothing tying Mays’ decision to transfer to his father’s lawsuit. After all, the youngster committed to Georgia after it happened and played for the school for two years.

Mays started seven games for the Bulldogs as a freshman and earned a freshman All-American nod. This past season, he played 11 out of 14 games for the school.

With Mays out, Georgia will now be down four offensive line starters in the new year.

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