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Georgia Coach Reveals Jake Fromm 2020 NFL Draft Decision

Georgia Coach Reveals Jake Fromm 2020 NFL Draft Decision

Georgia Coach Reveals Jake Fromm 2020 NFL Draft Decision

Georgia coach Kirby Smart reveals Jake Fromm’s 2020 NFL Draft decision thought process in a new interview.

Coming out of this season the echelons of quarterbacks were clear.

In the top group, you have Joe Burrow. Tua Tagovailoa was also in this group initially, but a season-ending hip injury knocked him out. Oregon’s Justin Herbert is also in this tier.

After that top batch, though, things got a little more interesting.

Then you began having guys like Fromm, who would likely be drafted but are kind of wild cards in terms of their pro potential.

Fromm does not have the total package like Burrow and a healthy Tagovailoa, but he does have some NFL essentials – namely a big arm.

The question for Fromm at this point is, will he get taken higher this year or should he roll the dice and see how things go next season?

This week, Smart addressed the decision that his young quarterback needs to make.

“As far as Jake, we do with Jake exactly what we do with every player on our team,” he said.

“We bring him in. We talk to teams. I talk to general managers. I talk to organizations. We get information. We give those kids that information,” Smart continued.

“This is a time when they’re able to do that, and then when we get closer to the bowl game, we put it away, and then we come back and revisit it, and we’ve done those things for Jake.”

If Fromm does opt to go pro this year, Georgia’s quarterback depth suddenly becomes very dicey.

Carson Beck, a four-star prospect out of Jacksonville recently committed to the school, would suddenly arguably become the team’s most talented option at passer.

It would be Beck, a true freshman, alongside redshirt freshman Dwan Mathis, walk-on Stetson Bennett and third stringer Nathan Priestly.

Obviously the best thing that could happen to Georgia would be Fromm returning.

Will he actually do it, though? We’ll find out soon enough.

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  1. Give Jake more chance to make calls he knows will work. Let him make more decisions on cite instead of a so-called expert way up in a booth. I watched every play this year and think he could have done better on his own sometimes. HE IS A NATURAL.

  2. A “big time arm”, huh?

    So Kyle Orton had a “big time arm” too, right?

    Literally no one cept the most myopic Jiorja fans think dude has a strong arm. He is smart. He is accurate. He is not a possessor of a “big time arm”. To suggest otherwise is disingenuous to the reader and blatantly false.

    Lil’drunk writing this are we?

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