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Gay College Football Player Will Be High Pick In NFL Draft

Gay College Football Player Will Be High Pick In NFL Draft

Gay College Football Player Will Be High Pick In NFL Draft

A gay college football player be a high pick in the NFL Draft.

Kansas State offensive tackle Scott Frantz is on the verge of turning pro. Once he is selected in the 2020 NFL Draft, he will become the first gay athlete on a regular season roster next season.

Frantz, 23, came out in 2017. In the two years since then he and Bill Snyder teamed up to lead the Wildcats to a 21-17 mark and two bowl appearances.

According to NFL Draft expert Dan Kadar, Frantz is viewed as a “Day three player,” meaning he will be taken at some point in the fourth round or later.

Kadar described Frantz as someone who has a “strong upper body” which can be utilized to control opposing defenders at the line of scrimmage.

“When he’s playing with good leverage, he can use that strength to jerk opponents around and either open a hole or open up the edge,” he added.

Another NFL Draft expert, Walter Cherepinsky, has Frantz as the 34th best offensive tackle available. He sees the Kansas State star going in the sixth round, at the soonest.

Dan Schmelzer, an NFL Draft expert from NFLMocks, offered a similar prognostication. He sees Frantz going in the sixth round to the Miami Dolphins.

Regardless of where Frantz ultimately goes, though, it is all about making the most of the opportunity.

Based on everything Frantz has shown thus far, it is safe to assume that he will do well next season.

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  1. Who cares? You perverts think everything is about sex. If he is gay and he can play fine but being gay didn’t make him a player. I know you want equality for everybody and I believe in equal rights and equal opportunity, but I could care less and wish you would stop pushing your social agenda on everyone. I think being gay is his business and if he chooses it he has the right right but I think it is disgusting and that’s my right. I allow him to have his right but certainly would like you to respect my right to think it is wrong and immoral. So just give him the freedom to make the choice and stop shoving it down the throats of people who do not agree with it. Just like Kapernick, he has the right to kneel and I have the right to think he is a self serving,ungrateful, idiot.

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