Studies Reveal That Video Games Can Lead To Suicide

Doctors are adding their opinion against video games as well. Doctors have shown their concern that video games are leading to isolation and in turn into suicide.

Vietnamese teenagers are suffering from social exclusion, which is resulting in stress-related disorders.

All this is being portrayed in the same week in which the world health organisation has decided to put gaming is the list of diseases.

Dr. Duong Minh Tam, the director of stress disorder of Bach Mai Hospital, said that isolation resulting from an uncertain future is leading to this urge for suicide.

Teenagers have expressed themselves very clearly who has suffered from depression. They have said they spent their day playing games and not studying. The smart ones are the ones who are involved in gaming and all of their intellectual ability on video games wasting their prospects.

After they attain adulthood, their desire for a healthy normal life grows. They want a stable future.

They start loathing themselves, a victim of sadness leading to attempts of suicide.

Gaming is a booming industry, and the cafes where video games can be played are increasing day by day.

In a cafe in Ha Noi, the owner says it is impossible to measure the number of players each day. They have 98 machines, and none of them is free all day.

Some of them though feel that gaming is just a hobby for them and nothing else. It is a way to spend time with friends. It is also a useful way to earn money through live streaming.

Women especially have fans, sponsors and investors who pay donations to watch the gamers play-Easy money.

Here is a case of a 21year third-year college student. He spent 5hours each day playing video games in the summer. Frustrated about having no friends, his grades started to fall.

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