Fans React To Germany Embarrassing Team USA At FIBA World Cup

Fans React To Germany Embarrassing Team USA At FIBA World Cup

Germany defeated Team USA early Friday morning in the semifinals of the 2023 FIBA World Cup tournament.

Heading into this outing many pegged the American side as the inevitable victor, but that isn’t what ended up happening.

Despite a herculean effort from Los Angeles Lakers star Austin Reaves, Team USA fell to Germany 113-111.

Understandably, U.S. players were very dejected in the aftermath.

Because of what an upset the end result of this outing ultimately proved to be, fans had a lot of reactions.

Big picture, this incarnation of Team USA was plagued with issues from the jump. Between Brandon Ingram’s poor play, the chemistry issues at work and the way other countries openly mocked some of the American players, this end result was almost inevitable.

That said, it’s still pretty humiliating.

And it also goes a long ways in settling the debate regarding whether the NBA champions are actually the ‘world’ champions when it comes to hoops.

Will Team USA eventually be able correct course and actually win gold at the Olympics with this general roster? Time will tell.

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