Fans Notice Something Odd About Logan Paul’s Pokémon Cards (Photos)

Fans Notice Something Odd About Logan Paul’s Pokémon Cards (Photos)

Popular influencer-turned-celebrity boxing star Logan Paul is no stranger to making headlines.

Whether he is getting into brawls outside clubs or having the legitimacy of his fights questioned, he is always making headlines for one reason or another.

This week it happened again, albeit for a not-so-great reason.

Paul recently took to social media to show off his $3.5 million ‘1st edition’ Pokémon case purchase.

Unfortunately, fans at home noticed something odd about it:

Namely, fans took issue with the fact that Paul attained the collection from a questionable eBay seller with spotty reviews, the seller in question gave shady-sounding stories on original sourcing, the seller didn’t allow a previous buyer to inspect the collection prior to purchase and weirdness as it pertains to product ID number, the seal tape and bar code.

So are the cards legit? It’s impossible to say for certain. Further investigation will be needed.

This isn’t the first time Paul has faced this sort of intense scrutiny. A few months back, eagle-eyed observers reviewed his bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr. under a similar magnifying lens and also noticed some strange stuff.

Hopefully at some point Paul does a more thorough examination of the collection so folks can find out once and for all what’s what with the cards.

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