Facebook takes a call about gaming

Facebook is nowhere behind another app in making Gaming more interactive and profitable.

They are opening up an audience network to interactive gaming ads.

They are trying to increase the profit and dollars they earn from mobile games. They have brought an ad version feed in August which is a user trial lite.

Installed an app is 60% more likely to open new mobile game compared to no payable ads.

Facebook has decided to install both videos rewards and also interstitial the network of the audience. They are also coming up with a measurement tool to measure precisely when the users and going to watch a payable ad how actively they are watching it and for how long. This duration, in turn, determines the parts in the game they need to work on or improve. Experts say this would help them to track the drop-off points.

Paulina Klimenko the senior vice president of mobile adtech firm of Pub Matic says that is numbers is also significant to the ad and game developers to notice and decide on which zone they need to act on depending on the viewability and completion of the game and exactly where the gamer is using a payable ad.

Facebook is also playing its part in this improvement. They are ready to introduce zip files and vertical video support that would help the developers use the platform and programme that is already available on the page of Facebook.

57% of mobile developers believe that in-app ads can actually improve user retention and make the gamer play the game for longer durations and with a lot more energy and involvement without detracting to anything or any other game.

The game creators need to balance rationally between preserving the enjoyable experience of the user and monetisation of the needs of the company.

This initiates an engaging format and a less invasion in the ads and more on the person playing the game.

Carlos Garcia

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