Eye Mouth Eye: What Does New ‘It Is What It Is’ 👁️👄👁️ Trend Mean?

Eye Mouth Eye: What Does New 'It Is What It Is' 👁️👄👁️ Trend Mean?

Eye Mouth Eye: What Does New ‘It Is What It Is’ 👁️👄👁️ Trend Mean?

Eye mouth eye emojis began trending on Twitter on Thursday night, leading many to speculate about why.

As it turns out, a new website launched recently and has been using the emojis and mysterious marketing as a way of promoting itself.

The website, xn—mp8hai . fm, is equally mysterious. At the moment, it just asks for an e-mail address and offers pretty much zero information as to what it is.

The corresponding Twitter account has pretty much just been tweeting out cryptic messages, the phrase “it is what it is,” and links to charitable organizations.

At this point it is clear that this is some sort of new website – but what precisely it aims to do is unclear.

When you enter your email address into the field asking for it, you get a message saying “yay your email has been submitted.”

Then it reminds you to follow them on Twitter and promises “special treatment,” though it unclear what that means.

The eye mouth eye emoji combination first grew to notoriety on TikTok. It was used by users to reference a 2019 YouTube video called “Some of ya’ll bouta be real mad at me.”

It is also sometimes used to highlight cringey and embarrassing content.

Presumably, whatever eye mouth eye is supposed to mean will be revealed at some point over the next few days. Chances are the final product will not be as creative or original as the marketing behind it.

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