Everything To Know About NBA 2K23: The Jordan Challenge

Everything To Know About NBA 2K23: The Jordan Challenge

Sports are an important part of life for most people around the country and basketball specifically is a prime example. The NBA is such an exciting league to keep tabs on and serves as a home to some of the top franchises around. It is, of course, also home to notable players such as LeBron James and provides some of the best on-court action you will find anywhere. 

The NBA is also an undeniably great league to bet on. This has helped it become popular with sports bettors in recent years. With so many US states now opening up to legal sports betting, lots of people like to wager on matches and this in turn has made basketball even more popular. Michigan online sports betting is a great example of this and there are some fabulous sports betting sites in this state for NBA wagering. There’s a reason Commissioner Adam Silver isn’t shying away from the topic of sports gambling. 

It is not just watching or betting on basketball that people love to do, though. When there are no games on, it is also fun to play video games based on the sport. The NBA 2K series of games is arguably the most high-profile version, and is set for another installment in September 2022. 

But what will NBA 2K23 have to offer and what is The Jordan Challenge? 

What can we expect to see from NBA 2K23? 

Whether it is the current Kevin Durant trade drama or the latest NBA team news, keeping up with basketball is always fun. The same is also true for the latest basketball video games and what they might have to offer.

After the success of NBA 2K22, basketball fans will be eagerly anticipating what this new edition will bring in early September. As you would expect, it will be a game that not only looks amazing but also sounds awesome. The gameplay will be as smooth, fluid and intuitive as usual. 

It is also reported that the game developers have included a host of new features into this game. There is, for example, improved opponent player AI, which will lead to even more intense on-court action. There will also be fully updated rosters and historic teams to play with. If you prefer, you can go head-to-head in the Play Now mode or use the My League Career mode to carve out your own dramatic journey in the NBA. 

One returning feature that has caught most attention, though, is The Jordan Challenge. But what do you need to know about it? 

What do you need to know about The Jordan Challenge in NBA 2K23? 

The Jordan Challenge was originally included in NBA 2K11 but is making a comeback in NBA 2K23. But what should you know about it? 

In short, it sees the game enabling you to relive 15 of the most iconic moments from Michael Jordan’s legendary NBA career. The games included in this challenge span MJ’s entire career and should add a whole new dimension to this title. But which games exactly might be part of the challenge?

  • 1982 Championship game in college ball that saw MJ bag a go-ahead jump shot with under 20 seconds left to give his college team victory.
  • 1986 playoff game against the Celtics, which saw Jordan score a huge 63 points and announce his arrival as a top-level player.
  • 1988 All-Star game that saw Jordan score 40 points, despite only being on court for 29 minutes!
  • Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals, which saw Jordan dominate Utah Jazz almost single-handedly. 

The above are not all of the challenges you can play in NBA 2K23’s The Jordan Challenge but merely give a taste of what to expect. Keen NBA2K fans will note that the 10 challenges already confirmed are the same as those in NBA 2K11. It is expected that the five brand new challenges that will feature in NBA 2K23 will be confirmed at some point closer to its release. 

Players start with Challenge 1 and then work their way through all 15 to complete the same journey as MJ saw in real life. As you go, you will have set goals to achieve in each game – such as scoring a prescribed number of points or making so many steals. To move on to the next challenge, you have to hit all these objectives. 

The Jordan Challenge is a welcome return in NBA 2K23 

There is no doubt that The Jordan Challenge was a popular part of NBA 2K11 and something most fans of the game will welcome back in NBA 2K23. It is also something keen basketball fans will value and will make playing the game more appealing. With technology having moved on so much in gaming since NBA 2K11, expect the challenges included to look and play better than ever. 

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