Evelyn Lozada Calls Out Chad Ochocinco Johnson With Bloody Photos

Evelyn Lozada Calls Out Chad Ochocinco Johnson With Bloody Photos

Evelyn Lozada Calls Out Chad Ochocinco Johnson With Bloody Photos

Evelyn Lozada called out her ex Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson this week after he downplayed their domestic violence incident.

To further put an exclamation mark on her point, she brought out bloody photos depicting the trauma she experienced.

The incident began when Johnson responded to a follower who asked him why he remained so positive. The former Cincinnati Bengals star insisted that his patience stemmed from his altercation with Lozada.

“I lost my temper for once in life for 3 seconds & it cost me a lifetime,” he said.

When Lozada saw this, she did not take kindly to it. In response, she posted a series of messages expressing what she went through.


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“For this man to sit up there and say that he lost his temper for 3 seconds is infuriating to me,” she said.

“It’s messages like this, tweets or whatever the hell it was, that are triggers for me.”

Lozada also addressed all the criticism that she, the victim, continues to get as a result of the violent encounter.

“People read this on social media and are coming at me talking about ‘oh you made this man lose his job’ it’s like if you’re gonna speak the truth, I want you to speak the truth as to what the situation was,” she said.

“It wasn’t the first time, it wasn’t the first time! And, one of the things I’m always gonna do is I’m always gonna live in my truth, whether it’s good, whether it’s bad, whether it’s ugly, I’m not going to let anybody take away my f**king truth and put this perception out there for a pity party as if you made one mistake.”

Johnson has yet to publicly respond to Lozada, but an apology has to be forthcoming. His social media message opened up some serious wounds, not to mention a huge can of worms, and it will not go away unless he does something to address it.

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