ESPN’s Mina Kimes Criticized Over Appearance In New Photo

ESPN’s Mina Kimes Criticized Over Appearance In New Photo

ESPN star Mina Kimes was criticized over her appearance in a new photo this past week.

Over the past year Kimes has quietly emerged as one of the biggest stars at the Worldwide Leader in Sports. She blown up online for everything ranging from her provocative selfies to her wild Halloween costume to her intimate private pictures.

Along the way, her incredible screen presence and unique knowledge of the NFL led to her getting a handsome payday from ESPN. Her contract is said to pay her upwards of $1.7 million, according to multiple reports.

With that hefty paycheck, unfortunately, comes a fair amount of scrutiny. Kimes learned that lesson the hard way when she published a new photo on social media this past week:


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A ton of the reactions were overwhelmingly positive:

“You look beautiful, Mina,” one fan wrote.

“Purple looks good on you,” another person chimed in.

“So pretty,” a third fan added.

Unfortunately, some criticism slipped in through the cracks as well.

“That baby weight looks great on you,” the troll wrote.

Understandably, people took issue with that reply. Kimes’ fans immediately came in to defend her.

“Creepy dude,” one person replied.

“Not a nice thing to say to a lady, in spite of your comment I think she looks fabulous and she doesn’t have ‘baby weight’ on her! Her figure is perfect bruh,” a second fan chimed in.

Big picture, obviously this is just one of the downsides of being famous.

For all the positive commentary and monetary rewards, trolls become unavoidable.

And that is precisely what happened to Kimes here.

Fortunately, she appears to have a thick enough skin to she won’t let it bring her down.

By any objective measure, Kimes had an incredible 2023. What does 2024 hold in stock for her? Time will tell.

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