ESPN Predicts 49ers-Vikings And Packers-Seahawks

ESPN Predicts 49ers-Vikings And Packers-Seahawks

ESPN Predicts 49ers-Vikings And Packers-Seahawks

ESPN predicted the 49ers-Vikings and Packers-Seahawks games due to take place this weekend.

The worldwide leader recently created a computer model to help anticipate how future NFL outings would turn out.

According to ESPN’s model, the Niners have a 66.1 percent shot at emerging from Saturday’s big showdown with a victory.

Similarly, the worldwide leader has given Green Bay a 66.3 percent chance of prevailing over Seattle.

Will those prognostications come true? It’s hard to say. The opening weekend of the NFL playoffs was full of twists and turns.

Seattle was taken to the limit by an injury-hobbled, second string quarterback-led Philadelphia Eagles group.

Minnesota, somehow secured an upset over a heavily ranked New Orleans Saints team that many had going to the Super Bowl.

Now both squads will take a step up in competition.

San Francisco ranks in the top five offensively and top ten defensively. Conversely, Minnesota ranks in the top ten offensively and top five defensively.

In the other big game, Seattle will attempt to break a streak that has haunted the organization since 1999. It has been that long since the Seahawks beat the Packers in Green Bay. Twenty-one years.

Niners-Vikings will kick off at 1:35 pm PST on Saturday and the Packers-Seahawks will kick off at 3:40 PM PST on Sunday.

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