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ESPN Offers Odd Take On Ole Miss Hiring Lane Kiffin

ESPN Offers Odd Take On Ole Miss Hiring Lane Kiffin

ESPN Offers Odd Take On Ole Miss Hiring Lane Kiffin

ESPN offered an odd take on Ole Miss hiring Lane Kiffin.

Coming out of last weekend the biggest story in all of college football was Ole Miss’ decision to hire Kiffin.

Regardless of how you feel about him as a head coach, everyone has an opinion on Kiffin. That includes ESPN.

In response to the big hire, ESPN college football insider Kirk Herbstreit offered one of the more interesting takes on the matter that has been put out there this week.

“Ole Miss is rolling the dice here,” he said.

“I think there’s tremendous upside on he can do and what he can do as a play caller and the job he’ll do in recruiting. He’s going to shake it up a little bit in Oxford.

“He’s going to shake it up in the SEC West. We had him on our selection show the other day, and he said all of the right things.”

While opinions will obviously differ on Kiffin, it will be tough for him to be as underwhelming as Matt Luke was.

Kiffin’s predecessor was neither good on the field as a commander of troops nor off the field as a recruiter.

At the very least, even if Kiffin cannot replicate his FAU magic, he will set up his replacement with a ton of great recruits for years to come.

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