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ESPN Has Harsh Words For Michigan, Jim Harbaugh

ESPN Has Harsh Words For Michigan, Jim Harbaugh

ESPN Has Harsh Words For Michigan, Jim Harbaugh

ESPN had harsh words for Michigan and Jim Harbaugh recently.

This past week, the worldwide leader in sports published a column reacting to all the bowl games that took place last month.

In the piece, ESPN college football analyst David Hale suggested that the Wolverines were now officially a “second-tier” program and will never be an equal to Ohio State again.

“Even the Wolverines faithful seem to have accepted their lot in life: They’re not Ohio State, and they never will be again.

“Hard to argue with the results, and Michigan’s woeful bowl performance against Alabama was just the latest slip toward the dreaded status of ‘above average.’”

Hale noted that the Wolverines are unable to find themselves a quality quarterback, and that a lot of their issues stem from that.

Overall, he essentially just stuck a fork in Michigan as a program and Harbaugh as a coach.

While the Wolverines have been solid under Harbaugh, there is also no denying that his arrival brought a level of hype that the program has not lived up to.

That said, if you survey the college football landscape right now, it is difficult to see who Michigan could install in Harbaugh’s place that would do a better job.

The Wolverines may be a “second-tier” program now, but these things are cyclical.

Eventually Ohio State will fall off its perch, and at some point Michigan will go on a crazy run.

That is the way these things work in collegiate athletics.

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