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ESPN Gets Brutally Honest About Ohio State and Michigan

ESPN Gets Brutally Honest About Ohio State and Michigan

ESPN Gets Brutally Honest About Ohio State and Michigan

ESPN got brutally honest about Ohio State and Michigan recently.

College football insider Kirk Herbstreit recently spoke truthfully to the Detroit News about where the Buckeyes and Wolverines stand. His answers ticked off some Michigan fans, but were praised by others for their honesty.

When presented with the fact that Ohio State has beaten Michigan for eight straight years and 15 out of 16 times since 2004, Herbstreit acknowledged that it was to be expected.

In his view, the talent level that the Buckeyes trot out on an annual basis simply trumps Michigan’s. End of story.

“I think it’s overall, across the board, the athletic ability of Ohio State right now in the Big Ten is at a different level,” Herbstreit said.

“When you watch Ohio State play Clemson, they’re stride for stride right there playing as good if not better. Clemson’s been winning a lot of championships lately.

“That’s the bar right now for Michigan. To me, right now, it’s not necessarily about scheme, it’s more about continuing to go out and get great players who can run.

“I feel like that’s the area when they play Ohio State they don’t seem quite to be at the same level right now.”

When it comes to recruitment, Jim Harbaugh is good – but Ohio State is great.

Michigan has the 11th best recruiting class in the nation for 2020. Ohio State has the 4th best.

Will that ever change? Maybe, but thus far the Wolverines have not offered up much to show that they have what it takes to one day defeat their rivals.

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